Effortless Way to
Heal Broken Hearts

The way to truly Heal Heartache

Hello there! I am Jusstine K and I have been helping people find answers and healing for the last 25 years. From the beginning of my career, I desired to give people much more than just answers. I wanted to help people get exactly what they wanted, as well as help them find real lasting healing from emotional pain. With love being the number one issue people consistently ask about, I went in search of how I could truly help heal all matters of the heart!
After two decades of studying and researching in the physical, metaphysical and spiritual realms, I was inspired to create what I believe is the most powerful relationship tool there is. Heal Your Relationship Space instantly heals your heart and shifts the energy around relationships. It gets you out of emotional pain with just one listen, and then continues to heal you the more you do it!


Minutes From Now
You Can Be Heartache Free

Heal Your Relationship Space is a 15 minute MP3 download. All you do is close your eyes, listen and you will heal. Since everything on the outside of you is a reflection of what’s happening on the inside, as you heal yourself spiritually the physical naturally follows. Just imagine being able to wash away every traumatic relationship experience that has made you who you are today. Heal Your Relationship Space does just that! It is like giving your spirit a shower from the inside out. 
Heal Your Relationship Space has already helped 1000’s of people across the globe get unstuck! Now it can help you too. Gay or straight, rich or poor, celebrity to the girl next store. It doesn’t matter who you are. If you have a heart, it will heal you. You just have to do it!


Real Testimonials from
Real People Who Have
Healed from HYRS

“I have been seperated from my husband and going through a deep depression. I never thought I would make it through. I’ve gone to countless healers, paying hundreds of dollars to try and make the bad feelings go away. But nothing has worked. I downloaded your healing and cannot explain how amazing I now feel. I listen to it every day. My husband hasn’t came back, but I feel different. I dont hate him any more. Other men have expressed interest in me. I am over joyed that after five months of crying and suffering, I finally found some relief! Thank you!” -R

“I downloaded and listened to HYRS. I am amazed at the results. The next day I was contacted by two ex boyfriends who were interested in seeing me again. In addition, I heard from two other men I met on an online dating site. I listened a second time and the following day heard from another ex. It seemed to open up other doors as well as I was contacted by two news stations to do a story that I submitted to them over a month ago. The news story led to a class action lawyer calling me who was interested in my story. HYRS is amazing!” -H

Who Is Jusstine

A psychic, a healer, an entrepreneur at heart Jusstine has been featured in publications worldwide from Glamour to InStyle, from Newsweek to Time, picked the Best of DailyCandy & a reality TV favorite. Jusstine landed on the cover of UK’s The Sun when news broke Cheryl Cole divorced her then husband Ashley Cole after seeking Jusstine’s guidance. Much more than just your average psychic, Jusstine’s true passion lies in creating exciting content that helps people get unstuck, move the F on and get what they want in their life!

You can learn more about Jusstine at PsychicGirl.com